Cari Field
DRE #01459596

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. And never more so than in real estate. Building a 100% referral-based business from the ground up, Cari made a promise early on: to only work with like-minded people she truly liked. Leaving the music industry to pursue her passion for real estate, she wanted to dedicate all her energy to select clients and their needs.


Nearly two decades later, the high-touch realtor has worked with everyone in the biz. Rock stars, writers, costume designers and directors. Architects, photographers, tech execs, comedians, activists, and actors alike. You name it, Cari has worked with them. And undoubtedly, she’s been referred as “the only Agent to work with in LA.”


How you ask? Cari identified a need for a niche real estate service. One that was discreet. Upscale, but not uptight. Representation that puts the client first. A trusted realtor that caters to creatives, busy professionals, Europeans, New Yorkers and those with unique needs and high aesthetic values.


Raised by a family of developers, it’s no surprise she gleaned an eye for Architecture. After renovating several homes of her own, the interior design aficionado has become exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of design and construction. Smart, driven, and unfailingly market savvy, she’s got a penchant for marketing, contracts, and winning bidding wars in multiple offer scenarios. Notorious for taking a hands-on approach to every detail when prepping homes, her listings have received extensive press coverage. It’s no wonder she’s been lovingly referred to as the “handshake drug” of LA real estate by those who are in-the-know. Now you know why. For a more complete list of Cari’s sales, visit