What is a small lot development? 

Small Lot homes generally have 2 to 3 stories, with a garage underneath, in order to maximize the living space and use of the land. The homes are not connected to each other, and the buyer owns the land beneath the structure. Homeowners dues are very low and the homes have warranties.


Small lot homes offer big savings + better value

Buy smart when you consider a small lot home! These newly built constructions offer everything you need at a lower price than what you’d would pay to buy and upkeep an older home. Save and pay yourself each month vs renting and giving away $100,000’s of dollars. (Do the math on how much $$ you have given away to your landlord, ugh!).


Designed for modern living

Small lot homes are designed for functionality, livability and an unencumbered lifestyle. Some small lot allow you to design your dream home, others bring together your commercial business and life. Every small lot homes have all the modern conveniences fixtures and features you need for today’s living.

All you need to know about small-lots


Advanced design with modern engineering and materials

Advances have been made in the last 100+ years in how homes should be built for safety and enjoyment. Most new construction homes come with a one-year fit and finish warranty and 10-year builder’s warranty that covers structural defects. Everything is brand new and low maintenance-you won’t be spending your weekends and income on home repairs leaving you plenty of time and money to live your best life!


Eco friendly & low maintenance

Don’t waste money on renting when you can own a modern construction fit with advanced materials, superior insulation, and an energy efficient design — no costly upgrades, repairs or maintenance necessary. It’s a smart money move that saves energy, water and urban sprawl that helps protect the environment.

Tenants in Common: A Gateway to Real Estate in Expensive Cities 

Tenants in Common (TIC) agreements are increasingly viewed as an attractive option for those looking to own property in high-cost urban areas like Los Angeles. Here’s why:


Lower Entry Cost

In cities where real estate prices are exceptionally high, TIC allows individuals to purchase a share of a property, which is typically less expensive than buying a whole property.


TIC can open doors to neighborhoods that might be otherwise unaffordable for an individual buyer. By pooling resources, co-owners can access properties in sought-after areas.


Shared Financial Burden

The costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a property (like down payments, mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs) are shared among the co-owners. This reduces the individual financial burden, making it easier for each person to manage their investment.

Potential for Value Increase

Real estate in cities like Los Angeles often appreciates over time. Even owning a fraction of a property in such markets can be a smart investment, as the value of the share may increase.


Flexibility in Ownership

TIC agreements can be tailored to the needs and financial capabilities of the co-owners. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in diverse and dynamic markets like Los Angeles.

Diversification of Investment Portfolio

For those looking to diversify their investments, owning a share in a TIC property in a high-value market like Los Angeles adds a potentially lucrative asset to their portfolio.

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