Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Los Feliz

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Los Feliz

Moving to Los Feliz, Calif., offers an exciting opportunity to become part of a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood. With its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning architecture, Los Feliz has long been a desirable destination for those seeking a unique and dynamic community to call home. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about moving to Los Feliz, from its housing market and amenities to its local attractions and lifestyle.

What sets Los Feliz apart?

Los Feliz has a unique hillside geography and an eclectic population with many creatives. It borders Griffith Park, which offers locals hiking, concerts at the Greek Theatre, and stargazing at Griffith Observatory. 

Here’s why people choose to live in Los Feliz:

  • Walkable: Los Feliz offers a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere unlike many areas in Los Angeles. Vibrant shops, trendy restaurants, and cozy cafes line the streets, encouraging residents to explore their surroundings on foot and staying local. This walkability fosters a strong sense of community and lets you experience the neighborhood's liveliness firsthand.
  • Thriving arts scene: Los Feliz has a long-standing reputation as a haven for artists, musicians, and creative minds. Art galleries, independent bookstores, and performance venues contribute to the neighborhood's vibrant cultural scene. Moving to Los Feliz immerses you in a stimulating environment that fosters creativity and artistic expression.
  • Griffith Park: The iconic Griffith Park sits on the northern border of Los Feliz, offering a sprawling escape from the urban environment. Hiking trails, scenic overlooks, museums, and the Los Angeles Zoo provide endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural exploration. Moving to Los Feliz grants you easy access to this urban oasis, perfect for weekend adventures or a quick escape after work.
  • Rich history: Los Feliz has a storied past, evident in its architectural diversity. Charming bungalows and Spanish Revival estates stand alongside mid-century modern buildings, creating a visually captivating streetscape. Moving to Los Feliz allows you to connect with the neighborhood's past while embracing its contemporary energy.

Amazing architecture

In addition to the above features, Los Feliz boasts a diverse architectural landscape, from iconic landmarks like the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis House and Hollyhock House to Lloyd Wright's Sowden House. These structures showcase styles ranging from Spanish Colonial Revival to Mayan Revival and Mid-Century Modern. The Ennis House, famous for its intricate concrete block patterns, and the Hollyhock House, with its organic forms, are must-sees for architecture enthusiasts. Lloyd Wright's Sowden House, noted for its angular façade and lush landscaping, is equally captivating. Los Feliz also features historic theaters, churches, and residential properties, offering a fascinating glimpse into the neighborhood's rich history and culture through its architectural heritage.

The Los Feliz housing market

Before making the move to Los Feliz, it's essential to gain a solid understanding of the local housing market. Los Feliz offers diverse housing options, from historic Spanish-style homes, Mid Century Modern gems, Craftsman bungalows, modern condominiums and art deco apartments. The median home price in Los Feliz is competitive compared to other neighborhoods in Los Angeles, making it an attractive option for homebuyers. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent like Cari Field can provide valuable insights and guidance as you navigate the housing market. 

Select the right neighborhood

One of the most important decisions you'll make when moving to Los Feliz is choosing the right neighborhood to call home. Los Feliz is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, from the bustling commercial district of Hillhurst Avenue to the tranquil residential streets of Franklin Hills. It’s between Silver Lake, Virgil Village, East Hollywood and Atwater Village all popular neighborhoods with lots to offer. When choosing a neighborhood, consider proximity to schools, parks, restaurants, and public transportation. Additionally, take the time to explore each neighborhood and get a feel for its atmosphere and amenities before deciding.

Settle into your new home

Once you've found the perfect home in Los Feliz, it's time to settle in and make yourself at home. Take some time to explore your new neighborhood and familiarize yourself with local amenities, such as parks, restaurants, and shops. Get to know your neighbors and participate in community events and activities to immerse yourself in the vibrant Los Feliz culture. Consider joining local clubs or organizations to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends. With its welcoming community and diverse amenities, Los Feliz offers residents an unparalleled quality of life.

Exploring local attractions and amenities

Los Feliz is home to many attractions and amenities, making it an exciting place to live. Spend your weekends exploring the lush greenery of Griffith Park, which offers miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the city. Visit the iconic Griffith Observatory to learn about astronomy and enjoy panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline. Explore the vibrant dining scene along Vermont Avenue, where you'll find a diverse array of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving delicious cuisine worldwide. With its rich cultural heritage and abundance of recreational opportunities, Los Feliz has something for everyone to enjoy.

Embrace the local lifestyle

Living in Los Feliz offers a unique and vibrant lifestyle that embraces creativity, diversity, and community. Enjoy the neighborhood's thriving arts and cultural scene by attending live music performances, art exhibitions, and theater productions. Shop for fresh produce and artisanal goods at the weekly farmers' market, where you'll find a wide selection of locally sourced products. Stay active and healthy by participating in yoga classes, fitness boot camps, or outdoor recreational activities in Griffith Park. With its laid-back vibe and friendly atmosphere, Los Feliz fosters a sense of belonging and connection among its residents.

Education Options Abound

For families moving to Los Feliz, there are pre-schools, public schools and private schools for all grades. Los Feliz is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) with: Franklin Elementary, Thomas Starr King Middle school with three Magnet programs (Environmental STEAM, Gifted Arts and Technology and Film and Media and Marshall High School as well as Calcreative Charter School.  In addition there are private school options including The International School of Los Angeles (LILA) a Lycée and an abundance of preschools provide educational options for all ages. Take the time to research the different schools in Los Feliz and visit campuses to determine which ones best meet your child's needs and preferences. Working with a local real estate agent familiar with the school system can help you find a home in a desirable school district.

Get to know your community

As you settle into life in Los Feliz, you’ll begin to appreciate the neighborhood's resources like the world class Children’s Hospital and events like the Barnsdall Art Park Silver Lake Wine Tastings. Los Feliz has world famous architecture, every type of self care, classes, libraries, and recreational facilities for residents of all ages. There are plenty of doctors, dentists, and veterinarians who will be more than happy to service you and your family with Kaiser and CHLA. There aren’t many neighborhoods in Los Angeles where you can watch a film, listen to your favorite author talk about their latest book, go on a hike, catch a live concert, shop for vintage trends and fetch your weekly groceries, all without having to step foot out of your community. Let alone without having to hop into your car. You can do all that and more in the LF Village.

Ready for your move to Los Feliz or the Eastside of LA?

Moving to Los Feliz offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the best of Los Angeles. With its rich history, diverse culture, and amenities, Los Feliz has something to offer everyone, from young professionals and families to retirees and artists. By familiarizing yourself with the local housing market, choosing the right neighborhood, and embracing the local lifestyle, you can make the most of your move to Los Feliz and enjoy all this dynamic community offers.

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